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Sex Matters For Women Recommended by Jezebel

jezebel_imageWe really appreciate this article by Faith Cotter, at Jezebel. She interviews sex therapist Connie Lappa LCSW who recommends Sex Matters For Women to her clients.

When Tight Becomes Too Tight: A Helpful Primer on Vaginismus 

Sallie is Interviewed On

Sallie reflects on 30 years as a sex therapist in this two-part interview just posted at Psychology Today. In this all-access interview readers get a glimpse behind-the-scenes on what it’s really like to be a sex therapist.

Sex Matters For Women Wins Award!

It was just announced that Sex Matters For Women: A Complete Guide for Taking Care of Your Sexual Self, 2nd ed. is the recipient of the 2013 SSTAR Consumer Book Award! This award is given out every two years to recognize the best recent book for consumers that contributes to the understanding and resolution of sexual disorders.Continue Reading